Automatic Chicken Door

The Pecking Order is Set

Raising the Bar on Chicken Safety

An ultimate convenience for chicken keepers that keeps chickens safer than ever before. In 10 minutes set the auto chicken door to open the chicken door in the morning to let chickens roam outside and then securely close in the evening to keep your hens locked safe and sound inside their comfortable coop. And enjoy not needed to worry about the amount of daylight or time changes. This automatic chicken door is smart. The solar option includes a battery backup so rainy days will not be a problem either. This is the right door for your coop.

Electric $299.99 Installed or Shipped              Solar $389.99  Installed or Shipped

Upon Inspection

Two Models. Electric. Solar.

Aluminum font. Poly enclosure.

Quick & Easy Smart On-Screen Set-Up.

Manufacturer's Warranty.


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Easy On-Screen Set-Up

Reading the User Manual is Optional. Easy to Understand Instructions Right on the Screen

Fault Indicator Light

Fault Indicator Light

Know for certain if there is an issue.

Door Open & Close

3 Ways to Open & Close Chicken Door

  1. Automatically with 10 minute set up of GPS Functionality
  2. Automatically with Timer
  3. Manually with the Touch of a Button
Safety Stop

Safe for Chickens

Will Stop if Contact is Made with Chicken

Automatic Chicken Door

Electric or Solar. Ultimate Chicken Safety & Keeper Convenience.