A-Frame Chicken Coops

Our line of classic A-frame Chicken Coops are popular with our customers and allow you to keep more chickens per square foot than our other options. Great for those who are raising chickens in an urban setting, the A-frame allows you to maximize your available space, so you can enjoy raising more chickens even if you don’t have an expansive yard. The A- frame line is a great option for those who raise chickens as a hobby.

This A-frame style of chicken coops has a simple and sleek design that will look great in any yard. This A-frame style will add a classic country style to your home’s landscaping and will match your other outbuildings. The built-in windows on these A-frames will allow natural light to come in, so you don’t have to struggle to see as you are caring for your chickens.

These A-frame chicken coops are also easily customizable so that you can select the options that will work the best for your situation.  For example, enhance this coop’s security by selecting our galvanized and vinyl coated window wires that will keep predatory critters from harming your chickens. You can also add built-in insulation to the roof, so your chickens can stay warm even in sub-zero temperatures during the winter. Your chickens will feel cozy and protected within the walls of our timeless A-frame style chicken coop line. We offer our chicken coops in multiple sizes, so you can find one that works for you whether you only have a handful of chickens or a few dozen. Our Amish built chicken coops arrive to your home fully assembled.

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