Quaker Chicken Coops

Our Quaker chicken coop line is inspired by classic country barns and features a unique roof over hang that is fashionable and functional. This distinct Quaker style allows for more head space than most chicken coop designs, making it a favorite amongst our customers who are more hands-on in the care of their chickens. Our Quaker style chicken coops are a great option as your starter chicken coop for those who are new to raising chickens.
Designed to have excellent ventilation, our line of Quaker style coops will keep your chickens comfortable while they roost, despite the summer heat. This style also features external access to the nesting boxes for easier egg collection. The multiple windows also allows natural light to stream in so you don’t have to struggle to see. Our line of Quaker style chicken coops will also look great in your backyard, so you don’t have to worry about it upsetting the look of your landscaping.
These Quaker chicken coops are also easily customizable so that you can select the options that best suit your situation.  For example, enhance this coop’s security by selecting the window wires that will keep predatory critters from harming your chickens. Your chickens will feel cozy and protected within the walls of our charming Quaker style chicken coop line. We offer our Quaker chicken coops in multiple sizes, so you can find one that works for you whether you only have a few chickens or a few dozen. Our Amish built chicken coops arrive to your home fully assembled.

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