Tractor Chicken Coops with Wheels and Chicken Runs

Make your chicken coop mobile with our tractor chicken coops. Both the coop

and run on our combo options have durable wheel systems installed to allow for mobility. There are separate systems for the coop and the run so you won’t be overburdened by the weight of the solid and sturdy Amish built chicken coop, instead breaking it up. The separate wheel system design feature is ideal for those who may have back problems or a injury that makes lifting large, heavy objects unbearable. This trailer chicken coop is the perfect option for those who change up their landscape often. The trailer chicken coops are also ideal for those with a small yard with limited space for gardening, so you can have the premium garden space when you need it and place your coop there in the off-season .

We offer the tractor wheel system option on any of our chicken coops under the dimensions of 7×12, so you can easily move it about your yard. If you enjoy changing things up in your yard regularly or you have plans to make renovations on your home or patio soon, the trailer chicken coop is the perfect option for your needs. Our chicken coops all have a 50 year guarantee, so that you can enjoy using your chicken coop for many decades to come.  All of our Amish built chicken coops arrive at your home fully assembled, so that you can settle your chickens into their new home right away.

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