Premium Automatic Chicken Door – Electric

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Price includes FREE installation in your new custom chicken coop or FREE shipping.

The ultimate in chicken safety and keeper convenience, the automatic chicken door will put your mind at ease. Automatically opens when you set it to. Super easy on-screen set-up and built-in light tables so no need to make changes due to changing seasons.

Electric: The electric version of the automatic chicken door can be plugged in to a regular electrical outlet or extension cord. For custom chicken coop customers it is recommended that you purchase the electric package option to power your electric automatic chicken door.

IMPORTANT: If you order both a chicken coop and an automatic door, please purchase them at the same time so we know to install your automatic chicken door. If you place an order for an automatic chicken door without purchasing a chicken coop on the same order, your automatic chicken door will be shipped to you separately unless you contact us within 24 hours.

Delivery: Expect delivery of your new automatic chicken door in about 5-10 days from your order date

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