Walk-In Chicken Run with Roof

$1,289.99 $1,219.99

Large Chicken Run with Roof

Our biggest standard size handmade, wooden Amish chicken run with roof is ideal for keeping you chickens comfortable in all four seasons. It helps to protect your chickens in the winter from falling snow so they can go outside more often. In the summer, the covering is great to provide shade. If you are new to backyard chicken keeping you may not know that chickens do not do well in heat. It is best to provide them with plenty of shade in the warmer summer months.

The run is made from real wood and is sold separately from our chicken coops. Just let us know if you need attachment hardware to connect your coop. Choose the paint or stain color and the roof type and stain color. All of our runs have SecureWire™ to keep your chickens safe. If you would like, you can upgrade to SecureWire Super™ which is the same black vinyl coated galvanized wire as our SecureWire™ but the former has a smaller opening size of just 1/2″ x 1/2″.


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