Types of Chicken Coop Roofing

6x10 Quaker-Combination-Coop-charcoal-shingles

Charcoal Architectual Shingles


Cedar Colored Architectural Shingles


Green Architectural Shingles


Insulated Metal Roof in White


Cedar Shake Roof 


Insulated Metal Roof in Red

Amish Chicken Coop Roofing Types Explained

We offer three types of roofing materials for our chicken coops: Architectural shingles with optional tar paper and insulation, insulated metal roofs, and cedar roofs with optional tar paper and insulation.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are included as standard when you purchase a Lancaster Coop. Our shingled roof option includes TechShield sheathing that will keep your chicken coop a cooler in the summer.  You can opt to increase the insulation in your coop by adding option insulation. We also offer tar paper as an option to increase the longevity of your shingle roof. Our architectural shingles have a 30 year manufacturers warranty.

Insulated Metal Roofs

Insulated metal roofs are a stylish choice and have a 40 year manufacturer's warranty.  There is an additional charge for an insulated metal roof.

With your metal roof option, we install a double bubble insulation for heat retention in winter and to keep the coop cooler in summer. This type of insulation is also crucial to keep condensation at bay with a metal roof.

Cedar Shake Shingles

Roofs finished with cedar shake shingles are beautiful anywhere and a standard for homes in tough environments like near the ocean. These roofs offer a back to nature element and weather beautifully. There is an additional fee to have the cedar shingle roof installed on your chicken coop. It is a more work to install that other roofs and the materials are more expensive, but for some, it is definitely worth it.

Choosing between a shingled roof, a metal roof and a cedar and want to know which one is better? None is considered to be better. It is a style choice unless you live near the ocean. So, feel free free to pick the one you like the looks of most!