Types of Chicken Coop Siding


LP Smart Panel Exterior

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LP Smart Panel Interior


Board & Batten Exterior


Board & Batten Interior

Amish Chicken Coop Siding Types Explained


We offer two standard types of siding for your chicken coop. Your choice of LP Smart Panel siding or pine wood siding in the board and batten style is included in the base price of your chicken coop.

Important Things to Know About Chicken Coop Siding

Both types of siding, LP Smart Panel and pine wood are durable and are safe for chickens.


LP Smart Panel is the lower maintenance option of the two. Coops on our website that is painted is made of LP Smart Panel. LP Smart Panel has a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty against mold and rot. We love it for our outdoor buildings because of its additional resistance to carpenter bees and insects that burrow into wood. Typically coops made with LP Smart Panel will need to be repainted every 15 years. That isn't bad, and yes, we expect that your coop will still be around and in good condition 15 years from now. If you choose LP Smart Panel siding, you also get trim painted a separate color. We paint both the siding and the trim. These are both included in the base price of your coop.


Board and batten coops are beautiful. There is a small price to pay, however in increased maintenance needs of real wood. To maintain a wood chicken coop you will need to re-stain it every four years or as you would maintain a real wood deck. We use an oil based stain initially. Chicken coops with wood siding appear in stained finishes on our website.